OIC students compete in Physics AS Challenge

In March, 21 AS students from OIC took part in the physics AS challenge run by the British Physics Olympiad

The Physics AS Challenge is an exciting opportunity for students to stretch their lateral thinking skills and apply fundamental physical principles to novel situations. The AS Challenge is a single, one-hour paper that provides an excellent tool to assess and challenge student’s ability to work at Key Stage 5 and beyond. At the beginning of March, 21 OIC students took part in this competition, and our congratulations go to all of them for their dedication in taking on an extra commitment in addition to their usual A-level studies.

The AS challenge is run by the British Physics Olympiad. Of the 21 students from OIC who entered three placed within the top 10% of all entries and a further seven placed within the top 25%.

Well done, First Year Physicists!


For more information about the AS Physics Challenge click here

Wednesday 9th May 2018

Published by: Oxford International College

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