Christmas Cheer at OIC

The annual Christmas Party gave students a chance to enjoy themselves and bring out their smart clothes. A lovely way to start the festive season and have some fun together after a hard term of work, university applications and mock exams

The Christmas Party was a fun filled evening of events ranging from wrapping people up in paper rolls and picking up cotton buds with vaseline and your nose, right through to dressing up very smartly, a fundraising photo shoot, dancing and dinner at the Oxford Spires Hotel.

The evening started with some photos taking in a booth set up by the students themselves to raise money. Following the model shoot we all sat down and enjoyed some wonderful Christmas food, provided by the Oxford Spires Hotel. Once all the food had been cleared Veronika and Ana organized games for the students to take part in, which involved mummifying students, charades and many more. All in all it was very amusing to watch and highly enjoyable. Once the fun had concluded, the music started. A wide range of dance moves could be admired as the live DJ played for the rest of the evening. Avinash took it upon himself to MC during which provided even more entertainment. All in all, it was a very fun evening which all of the students enjoyed and it also gave them a chance to bring out their smart clothes and look their best.

Matt Storey, House Parent

Friday 22nd December 2017

Published by: Oxford International College

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