Cookery Club launches with lemon drizzle cake

Last week marked the start of the college’s first ever cookery club, the latest addition to the ever growing range of extra-curricular activities available for students. The club is run in partnership with the Smart Raspberry Cookery Club, who specialise in teaching children and young people of all ages how to cook for themselves and others, as well as the benefits of eating healthily. For the first week, we were learning how to make lemon drizzle cake and were treated to a delicious taster before we even started cooking, which got everybody excited to have a go and make some cake of their own.

For one student, it was their first opportunity to try their hand at baking, but with the recipe cards and the help of the ladies from Smart Raspberry, even the trickiest tasks were made easy and it wasn’t long before the cakes were ready to be baked back at the student’s own kitchens. This meant that we had time left for what was arguably the most enjoyable part of the class- icing and decorating the cupcakes that had already been baked for us. We were all impressed at how Wendy demonstrated the icing technique, but found it to be easier than looked and soon everyone was creating the most beautiful cakes worthy of a spot in a shop window. The students left with armfuls of sweet goodies and are already looking forward to next week, when we will be cooking some falafel as well as spinach samosas.  

Saturday 29th April 2017

Published by: Oxford International College

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