Obituary: Edward Greene

Mr Edward Greene, ‘founding father’ of the tutorial college, dies aged 81

We are very sad to report the news of the recent death of Mr Edward Greene who died on October 17th at the age of 81. Edward was considered by many to be the 'Founding Father’ of the tutorial college industry in Oxford and beyond. Edward began tutoring undergraduate students privately from his rooms at Wadham College, Oxford, before establishing Edward Greene’s Tutorial Establishment in 1967, the first private tutorial establishment of its kind. Almost all of the modern-day tutorial colleges and schools in Oxford can trace their roots back to Edward to some degree. Our own founder, Dr Mario Peters, while working as a young academic at the University of Oxford, began his journey into the world of private education when he worked for Edward as a part-time Physics tutor in the early 1990s. Through Edward’s encouragement and support, this ultimately led to the founding of OIC.

Edward was an extremely kind, intelligent and generous man, loved by many. He was a bon-viveur who loved life and lived it to the full. His passing marks the end of an era of tradition, rigour, style and grace. He touched thousands of lives and will be missed by all.

The funeral will be held in Oxford on November 14, 2018 starting with worship at 11 a.m. in Mr. Greene’s home led by Revd. John MacLeod, the Minister of the London congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, followed by burial at Botley Cemetery at 1:15 p.m.


Tuesday 13th November 2018

Published by: Oxford International College

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