OIC students get opportunity to attend prestigious university guest lectures

Students of OIC able to attend guest lectures at Oxford University

Studying in Oxford has many advantages. This small city is packed full of culture and diversity, opportunity, history and both built and natural beauty. It is obvious to anyone setting foot in the city that the opportunity to learn and spend time here is a privilege. For the students of OIC an additional privilege is the opportunity they have to attend a range of guest lectures hosted by Oxford University.

The range of topics covered within these guest lectures is diverse as fields of interest researched at the university. The lectures attract students and interested parties from around the city and bring them together to learn more about politics, research, business and much more.  

Recently students were given the exceptional opportunity to attend Oxford University’s annual public lecture, the Romanes Lecture. This year’s lecture was given by Hilary Rodham Clinton at the historic Sheldonian Theatre; a building designed for the university by Sir Cristopher Wren in 1669.

Opportunities such as this are one of the many reasons our students gain such an amazing experience here in Oxford.

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Friday 20th July 2018

Published by: Oxford International College

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