Presentation Skills Workshop

Students take part in a presentation skill workshop at College with Meptek expert Jakob Friis who flew in from Denmark especially to coach students and film them presenting and practicing for interviews

Have you ever lost your train of thought during a presentation that led you to forget what you were going to say next? Presentations in front of other people can be really difficult. We invited Jakob Friis from Meptek for a full day's training, teaching our students presentation techniques that will enable them to persuade their audience in a trustworthy and confident manner. A vital skill for life, this is also going to help students to overcome any fears of speaking in front of the college assembly, speak to university interview panels and confidently enter future job interviews. The workshop was very practical including everyday examples, group exercises and individual exercises. The students were filmed so they can relive their presentation and the audience’s reaction in a virtual reality world. This method has been proven to increase learning capacity and enabling participants to improve their presentations quicker. The workshop covered:

  • Tone of voice
  • Mirror Neurons
  • PowerPoint Structure
  • Confidence exercises
  • Hand-shake
  • Body Language
  • Appearance
  • Trustworthiness
  • Stress exercises
  • Remembrance methods
  • And much more

Watch different groups of students practice their presentation skills by speaking confidently and sponteneously about some common day objects, such as rulers and remote controls, as well as answering mock university interview questions:

Thursday 30th November 2017

Published by: Oxford International College

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