Work Experience and Volunteering

Four OIC students write about their work experience placements in primary health care, engineering, law and mental health. Work experience, volunteering and work shadowing is an important part of our super-curriculum programme for A-level students.

Engineering Work Experience

By Khanate Cherdchoo
My work experience was at MINI Plant Oxford. The first skill I observed from a worker in the Paint Shop Department, where I was assigned to, was to understand clearly about what you are doing and to be flexible at any time. I was fascinated about how the engineers designed the method of cleaning and coating the cars - the entire car was “dipped” into different tanks that were filled up with different chemicals to clean and smoothen the car’s surface for optimum painting work. I observed two key skills from the engineers during the colour checking session. There were two engineers, one inspecting a massively painted steel in front of him, another facing his computer screen. They both had to communicate to each other to code for all the information about the defects and damages on a car body, all done in a very short amount of time. Good communication and teamwork are constantly being used whilst working as an engineer. I also learnt about D.C motors with the other work experience applicants and this was when I realised that what I learnt from IGCSEs could be applied to the real world. 

Primary Health Care Work Experience

By Doh Eon Kim
My work experience was at Townsend House Care Home. The health carers were lovely and even though they were busy, they tried to make sure that we had a great experience. I believe that they were good with the residents there, but I’ve learnt that they have a shortage of staff due to lack of fundings. I have enjoyed myself immensely. 

Law Work Experience

By Nida Ahmad
I completed two days of work experience at the Harrison Clark Rickerby’s Solicitors in Reading. Within a short amount of time I was made to feel like a valued member of HCR. I particularly enjoyed the fact that I was surrounded by different types of lawyers in different fields. Through this I was able to observe many cases and learn about the skills required to deal with them. I was able to ask questions about certain experiences in the career of law, as well as which universities were ideal to attend for those fields. I explored the role of a paralegal in the law firm, which opened my eyes to new possibilities in choices for my own future career.

Mental Health Work Experience

By Hyunchan Ahn
My work experience at Red Horse Foundation was relaxed and I had a chance to take a rest from my daily routine. At Gloucestershire, we had a brief orientation programme lead by the facilitators. They explained to us about their roles and how the foundation uses horses to treat mental health conditions, such as ADHD or PTSD. They reminded us that their patients’ choice is extremely important, and that they would explain every programme to the patient before starting the therapy. We learnt about patient autonomy through this, which is one of the four pillars of medical ethics. We also had a few practical sessions with the horses. In one such session, we learnt how to introduce ourselves to them and respect their boundaries if they expressed discomfort. This activity taught me to be patient until others were comfortable, and to respect their choices. This was a great opportunity for me, because I could look back on my past experiences and reflect. Overall, I enjoyed my work experience at Red Horse Foundation very much.


Wednesday 29th November 2017

Published by: Oxford International College

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