Enrichment Curriculum

At Oxford International College, students are offered a wide spectrum of experiences and programmes to enrich their academic studies and to prepare them for life at university and beyond. This can include debating, study skills, public speaking at monthly assemblies and taking part in the UK Space Design Competition. There are topical seminars by tutors who are specialists in their fields and visiting guest speakers. Every year a number of youth leadership programmes are offered, such as Pathways to Success, a three-day residential induction programme under canvas for new students.

Oxford Mentor Programme

Comprising of post graduate students from Oxford University and college tutors, this programme offers regular additional academic support via evening classes open to all students. Being of a less formal format these classes allow students to determine what they need to revise and the level of support they want from the mentors. Students who achieve less than 75% in a mock exam are required to attend these lessons.

Student Council

We encourage our students to join the student council which is elected annually and comprises of 9 elected representatives who are responsible for representing the views of the student body. The council works closely with the college management on issues of importance and manages a budget with complete responsibility and autonomy.

Work Experience

The college's Work Experience Co-ordinator assists students with work shadowing and internships in areas such as medicine, dentistry, business and entrepreneurship. Students receive support with work placement applications and learn how to put together a good letter of application and their Curriculum Vitae. Partnerships exist with RBS Bank, local carehomes, hospices, pharmacies and dentist practices, BMW, law firms and others.

Goodwill Ambassador and Oxbridge Mentorship Programme

Students can also take part in the Goodwill Ambassador and Oxbridge Mentorship Programme. The programme has been designed for students aiming for highly competitive degree courses and who have just completed their AS year, or have completed A-levels and are planning on taking a gap year. Students will be offered a unique opportunity to get real-life exposure to their chosen field/industry by shadowing doctors, scientists, dentists, lawyers, engineers and other professionals. Alongside, the students will attend a programme of university preparation with Oxbridge mentors including choosing the right university and course, personal statement writing and interview practice. Participating in superb social and cultural events the students will meet like-minded people from across the world and get to know and understand different cultures. Please contact Claudia Williams for more information.