Oxford International College is a registered examination centre for all of the British examining boards. This enables students who transfer to us from other schools to continue with the same syllabus that they are familiar with. Public examinations are usually taken in May and June and results are published in August each year. Students also sit mock exams twice a year in preparation for the public exams.

External Private Candidates

We can accept external exam candidates for written units only (no oral exams or coursework). Most written exams are available to private candidates whether they are simply re-taking some A-level or GCSE units or are home-schooled and looking for an exam centre to take all their public exams. Please email exams@oxcoll.com with details of the subject, exam board and units you wish to sit. The exams officer will then forward an external application form for you to complete.

University Entry Exams and IELTS Exams

If you have made a university application which requires an external test such as HAT, SAT, TSA, MAT, LNAT and ELAT, we can usually make provision for this. Tests such as UKCAT, BMAT and SAT are not examined here but we can offer tuition in preparation for these tests. Similarly, we are not an IELTS test centre but offer tuition to support your preparation for these tests. Please contact us for more details.


Important Information - Summer 2019 examination series
In the highly unlikely event that there is national disruption to a day of examinations in summer 2019, the awarding bodies will liaise with the qualification regulators and the DfE to agree the most appropriate option for managing the impact. As a last resort the affected examinations will be rescheduled. Although every effort would be taken to keep the impact to a minimum, it is possible that there could be more than one timetable date affected following the disruption, up to and including the contingency day on 26 June 2019.

Centres will be alerted if it was agreed to reschedule the examinations and the affected candidates will be expected to make themselves available in such circumstances. Where candidates choose not to be available for the rescheduled examination(s) for reasons other than those traditionally covered by special consideration, they will not be eligible for enhanced grading arrangements.

Centres must therefore ensure candidates and parents are aware of this contingency arrangement so that they may take it into account when making their plans for the summer.

At OIC, all students are expected to remain at College until the end of term, 28th June 2019. In the unlikely event of examinations being rescheduled, provision will be made for those students on the GAP 2019 programme.