College Videos

Introduction to Oxford International College

An new 8 minute video of the college, teaching facilities and accommodation, featuring Interviews with students, tutors, heads of department, the principal and the educational founders and advisors.

Introducing Oxford International College from Oxford International College on Vimeo.

Dr Mario Peters, British Council Presentation

A presentation by our Director Dr Mario Peters, given in March 2017 at the British Council exhibition in Astana, Kazakhstan about the skills students need to enter top universities around the world. Video by Anna Gurayevskaya.


Global Pathways into Top Universities around the world

Srategies for success - do you have the competitive edge to enter a top university? Seminar in February 2017 at Krutoo Home Education. Video by APSThai Channel.


Pathways to Success - a three day residential

Every September, our students attend a highly successful 3-day residential programme under canvas in conjunction with "The Bushcraft Company" and "Pathways to Ventures". The primary purpose of this programme is to help students get to know each other and explore team-building and leadership activities and skills. For many students this is the first time they have had the opportunity to sleep out under the stars, learn how to build a fire, shoot a bow and arrow and to explore the type of leader or team player they are through games, challenges and conversations. The timing of the College's Pathways to Success programme is no accident, coming precisely at the time when students are embarking on their final years of secondary schooling or finishing their university applications, and in some cases only a few months before being called for interview.


Debating Seminar and Competition

This video shows part of the final debating competition for students on a pre-launch A-level programme during the summer here at the College.