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Pathways to Success Induction Programme

Every September, our new students attend a highly successful 3-day residential programme under canvas in conjunction with "The Bushcraft Company" and "Pathways to Ventures". The primary purpose of this programme is to help students get to know each other and explore team-building and leadership activities and skills.

Evidence shows the great importance that employers place on 'character, attitude and behaviour' in assessing the future potential of candidates. Similarly, university admissions tutors are looking not for what a student has already achieved, but what they are capable of achieving in the future. Past performance, in the form of A-level grades and other measures, is of course a strong indicator of future potential, but there are many other factors, such as whether a student is actually interested in learning and developing themselves, as a good university offers far more than just a degree certificate at the end. This is particularly true of the elite universities like Oxbridge which receive only A*/A applicants, and so look for additional qualities in selecting the strongest candidates with the greatest potential. The timing of the Bushcraft programme is therefore no accident, coming precisely at the time when students are finishing their UCAS personal statements, and in some cases only a few months before being called for interview.  This inspiring event is also an opportunity bring the student body together as one community at the beginning of the school year.

"The experience was quite unforgettable" Vincent, 2015

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Bushcraft & Pathways to Success 2015 - Oxford International College from Oxford International College on Vimeo.