Students represent OIC at English Speaking Union’s Schools’ Mace Competition

Two OIC students join representatives from six Oxfordshire schools at Oxford Spires Academy to compete

On Monday 26th November two OIC students participated in this prestigious competition, which is the oldest and largest debating competition in the country. The event took place at Oxford Spires Academy where six schools from across Oxfordshire competed between themselves. The three challenging motions to be debated in this competition were:

‘This house would ban the sale and consumption of meat’

‘This house would build homes on the green belt’

‘This house would weight votes such that the younger the voter, the more powerful their vote’.

The format of ESU Mace allows students to test their reasoning and use of evidence in arguments, improve their delivery of speeches, expand their ability to listen and respond effectively to the opposition’s arguments. The three debates had many fine speeches, strong arguments and well thought out rebuttals. OIC students’ strategy to defend their position was based on arguments supported by scientific evidence, which the students had researched in advance.

It was a very tight competition according to the judges and unfortunately OIC did not progress to the next round. However, the students had an enjoyable and enriching experience. They also benefitted greatly from the professional feedback that the judges gave to all competitors.

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Thursday 6th December 2018

Published by: Oxford International College

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