Term Dates


  Begins: Ends:
Autumn Term 2019 Monday 2 September Friday 13 December
Enrichment week Monday 28 October Friday 01 November
Winter holiday Saturday 14 December Sunday 5 January

Spring Term 2020 

Monday 6 January Friday 3 April
Enrichment week Monday 17 February Friday 21 February
Spring holiday* Saturday 4 April* Sunday 19 April*
Summer Term 2020
Monday 20 April Friday 26 June
Revision Week Monday 25 May Friday 29 May

*Please note that students will be expected to be available during the Easter holidays as they will be undertaking revision sessions and mock exams during that period. Mid-term reviews will also be conducted during enrichment weeks.

For any student who are required to return home during the academic year to fulfil their country's national service requirement please speak to the academic department.