Enrichment Curriculum

At Oxford International College, students are offered a wide spectrum of experiences and programmes to enrich their academic studies and to prepare them for entry to top universities. We also give students the chance to engage with interesting and challenging topics that fall outside of the academic syllabus and to give them awareness of their chosen field of study.

Oxford Mentor Programme

This programme is run by undergradute, postgraduate or doctorate students who are studying at the University of Oxford. Having gone through the admissions process themselves, they are not only experts in their subjects but also have the specialist admissions knowledge to guide students through to successful university applications in their chosen subjects.

Aptitude Testing Preparation
This programme is designed to prepare students for the university admissions test they will be required to complete for certain subjects such as medicine or law, or for entry to certain universities such as Cambridge and Oxford. The skills students develop through preparing for these tests will also lead to improved critical thinking and problem solving ability of use in both the classroom and the workplace. Most students will have timetabled classes on Wednesday and Thursday evenings in two of the following:

  • MAT (Maths Aptitude Test)
  • STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper)
  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)
  • BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test)
  • UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test)
  • TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment)
  • LNAT(Law National Aptitude Test)
  • NSAA (Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment)

Bridging Programme
This programme for all students runs every Saturday from 17:00-18:30pm from the second term of their AS year and finishing just before the final term of the A2 year. Students are able to choose from the following subjects: Medicine, Science, Economics, Engineering and Law. The programme aims to:

  • prepare students for their subject specific university interviews
  • give students the chance to engage with interesting and challenging topics that fall outside of the academic syllabus
  • give students awareness of their chosen field of study, including a realistic insight into the industry and an awareness of current events/issues related to it

Extended Project Qualification

After the first term, students will be given the opportunity to partake in the Extended Project Qualification. This is a unique opportunity for the student to guide their own learning and research a specific topic of interest beyond the A-level syllabus, creating a final piece of work of around 5,000 words. Students are guided through this by 30 taught hours by their EPQ mentor to support with the research and writing process, as well as specific skills sessions. The EPQ is highly recommended for students applying to top universities as it demonstrates motivation to pursue further study in the student’s chosen subject and provides an impressive talking point in the personal statement and interviews.

Work Shadowing and Observation

We are committed to helping students in gaining places at top UK universities for the most competitive courses including Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Economics, Law, Engineering, Business and Finance. The College has a dedicated member of staff who ensures that all students are provided with an opportunity of work shadowing and observation. Students receive support with applications and learn how to put together a good letter of application and a Curriculum Vitae. Partnerships exist with Royal Bank of Scotland, Yorkshire Building Society, BMW, charitable organisations, local care homes, hospices, pharmacies and dentist practices. Regular updates on opportunities will be available on the parent portal.

Goodwill Ambassador Programme in Malaysia

This summer programme offering students a unique opportunity to get real-life exposure to their future degree subject by shadowing doctors, scientists, dentists, lawyers, engineers and other professionals. Students are accompanied by Oxford mentors who provide subject and university-specific advice and help students to make the most of their experience. The programme takes place in June/July and students are able to take part either prior to joining the College or upon completion of their first year of studies.


Students are given information about academic competitions taking place in the UK and strongly encouraged to take part by their mentors. These can be of great help in ensuring that students gain a place at their desired university and can also improve essay-writing skills and teamwork. Just a few of the competitions advertised include:

  • RES Young Economist of the Year
  • The Corpus Christi Schools Science Prize in Medical Sciences
  • The Cambridge Chemistry Challenge
  • The UK Space Design Competition

Coding Skills

The skills demanded by employers in the 21st century are constantly changing and adapting according to the needs of modern society. With this in mind, we have adapted our curriculum to include regular workshops on coding skills led by an Oxford PhD student, where students are taught to develop their own website from scratch. There are also workshops on ethical debates and dilemmas in Philosophy, to help students develop their critical reasoning abilities.

Personal Development Skills

Evidence shows the great importance that employers place on 'character, attitude and behaviour' in assessing the future potential of candidates. Similarly, university admissions tutors are looking not for what a student has already achieved, but what they are capable of achieving in the future. This is particularly true of the elite universities like Oxbridge which receive only A*/A applicants, and so look for additional qualities in selecting the strongest  candidates with the greatest potential.

Pathways to Success 3-day Residential Programme

Every September, our students attend a highly successful 3-day residential programme under canvas in conjunction with "The Bushcraft Company" and "Pathways to Ventures". The primary purpose of this programme is to help students get to know each other and explore team-building and leadership activities and skills. Students return after the trip having made new friends and with increased self-confidence. The timing of this programme is no accident, coming precisely at the time when students are embarking on their final years of secondary schooling or finishing their university applications, and in some cases only a few months before being called for interview. To watch the video below please use the password 'Oxford'.

Bushcraft & Pathways to Success 2015 - Oxford International College from Oxford International College on Vimeo.