Study GCSE in one year

Our one-year GCSE programme offers students the same qualification in a  single year that  students in the UK  normally achieve  in two years.

This shorter, more intensive course is  a cost-effective way to gain this internationally recognised qualification  in a single year, enabling  students to  progress to their A-Level studies and  then  on to the top universities in the world.

Small classes, specialist teachers and the focus that comes from everyone being on the same journey. The shorter, more intensive course is a cost effective way to gain this internationally  recognised qualification. Students may study up to 8 GCSEs depending on their level of English and academic level.

Students also take  courses in study skills, research skills, teamwork skills, PE and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education).

Subjects offered:

Core subjects - Mathematics, English (2nd language), Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Native Language

Supplementary subjects - Additional Mathematics, Business Studies

Enrichment programme:

Choosing a subject to study at degree level is one of the most important decisions a student will make.  Students aiming for a top-ranked university  must not only achieve  the right grades, but also be able to demonstrate a wide range  of skills and knowledge  beyond the conventional school curriculum.

The OIC Enrichment programme takes students well beyond the GCSE syllabus by giving them  deeper insight into various different career paths and developing deeper knowledge  and skills that  will set them apart at A level and later at university.

These skills include critical thinking, independent research and learning,  public speaking and industry knowledge  in a range  of potential careers.


Start date: 17th August, 2020

Age: 15+

Language Level:  Academic IELTS 5.5

Academic Level: Academically able student looking to achieve top grades

Entry assessments: Mathematics, Science, online CAT4 assessment

Boarding: College boarding house or Host Family accommodation with full board