Oxford International College’s commitment to academic excellence, career advice, and personal development has consistently led our students to achieve outstanding A-Level results.

2020 and 2021 have seen wide disruption to schools across the UK, resulting in the decision by the UK government to cancel formal A-Level examinations and replace them with internal assessments and Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs). Consequently, grade inflation has been widely seen across UK schools, and OIC’s results, just like the results of other schools, have seen a significant increase over the past two years. This is despite a concerted effort by our teachers to maintain maximum integrity when grading students and give a true reflection of our students’ abilities. It is because of this widely acknowledged grade inflation that we have taken the decision to not publish our overall 2021 A-Level results.

However, we are delighted to share with you some statistics which highlight the formidable performance of this year’s cohort:

  • 55% of students achieved straight A*s
  • 3 students achieved 6 A*s including EPQ
  • 14 students achieved 5 A*s including EPQ
  • 22 students achieved 4 A*s including EPQ

These incredible grades are a direct result of our students’ hard work, passion and dedication, underpinned by our education model of expert teaching and personalised academic and pastoral support.



In 2019, which was the last year when grades were awarded based on standardised external examinations, OIC became the best-performing college in the country, being ranked top of The Times School League, The Daily Telegraph School League, and the Educational Advisors’ Independent School League Table.


Overall, 92% of grades received by OIC students in 2019 were A*-A, and 53% were A*, making us the only UK school that achieved above 90% A*-A grades.


Our students’ success has resulted in their acceptance to some of the world’s top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge

  • Our Oxbridge students will be studying Law, Medicine, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Banky (Thailand), 5 A*s in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Further Mathematics and an EPQ A*. Banky will be studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Oxford.

Pearl (Hong Kong), 5 A*s in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Further Mathematics and an EPQ A*. Pearl will be studying Law at the University of Cambridge.

Dima (Ukraine), 4 A*s in Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Dima will be studying Computer Science at the University of Cambridge.

Joseph (Malaysia), 4 A*s in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Joseph will be studying Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

Kwan Wynn (Malaysia), 4 A*s in Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Kwan will be studying Computer Science at the University of Cambridge.

McVey (Hong Kong), 4 A*s in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. McVey will be studying Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

Zi Suen (Hong Kong), 4 A*s in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. Zi will be studying Medicine at the University of Cambridge.

  • Other top university destinations include (in order of the number of our students going to study there):
    • University College London
    • University of Warwick
    • Imperial College London
    • University of Cambridge
    • King’s College London, University of London
    • University of Hong Kong
    • London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London
    • The University of Edinburgh
    • Durham University
    • School of Medicine, Dentistry & Nursing, University of Glasgow
    • Trinity College Dublin
    • Queen Mary University of London
    • University of Manchester
    • University of Oxford
    • Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • Royal Veterinary College, University of London
    • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    • De Anza College
    • Emory University
    • Newcastle University
    • St George’s Granada
    • University of Aberdeen
    • University of Bath
    • University of Birmingham
    • University of Brighton
    • University of Central Lancashire
    • University of Leicester
    • The University of Sheffield


Chief Education Officer

Much of OIC’s recent success can be attributed to its Chief Education Officer, Yasmin Sarwar. Yasmin was the original founder of another highest-performing A-level college in the UK for nine consecutive years, until it was dethroned by OIC two years after her joining. Under her academic leadership, OIC has become the school that it is now.

 At OIC, Yasmin has developed the “Strategic Global Pathways” curriculum, which combines Academic Excellence, Career Preparation and Personal Development to give students with the best chances to succeed at university interview, higher education and later in their professional lives.

Well-known as an innovator in education, Yasmin has achieved many awards, including the Pearson Teaching Award for Science Teacher of the Year and a Pearson Teaching Awards Fellowship (2011). Yasmin is regularly invited to share her expertise with government officials, fellow educators, parents, students, and the general public, including the Welsh Assembly (Gorwel) and TEDx (DVLA- Swansea).

Chief Education Officer’s Welcome

Studying in this college for two months now, I prefer the teaching style in this college. The teachers here make me understand the subjects rather than memorising They will teach out of the syllabus rather than just following it. This is what I really like about it because it helps to build up my knowledge rather just learning the textbook.

Hern, Student

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