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Going Green

We are trying our very best to be as green as we can be. We are lucky in that our direct effect on the environment is small compared to many businesses. The carbon footprint of taking GCSEs or retaking an A2 modules is small compared to a haulage company. However, we do not regard that as an excuse to do nothing.

Both Oxford International College and Oxford Science Studies, print their ways through huge amounts of paper. Unfortunately this is necessary as students need exam papers, handouts, etc. to work from. In the short run rather than trying modifying this behaviour we have opted to periodically buy an acre or two of forest to “compensate” as far as possible for the paper we get through. We are planning to buy at least another acre after Easter. If you are interested to see what we have so far please click on the following links: OIC's contribution - half acre of rainforest in Guatemala and Oxford Science Studies contribution: half acre of rainforest in Ecuador.

We are also in the process of setting up an on-line payment facility for our revisions courses thereby (hopefully) eliminating the need for incoming cheques. Cheques are currently responsible for almost all our incoming post from customers. All of Oxford Science Studies out-going correspondence to existing customers goes by email whenever possible. We do send all our customers a paper brochure (once – unless another is requested) and about once every two years we send out a paper mailshot just in case people have changed their emails. Everything else goes by email. As far as we can we convince our supplies to send invoices etc. by email rather than post - and nearly every payment we make is done electronically (we wrote only three cheques last year!).

In the longer run we are hoping to convince tutors and students to move away from paper to using on-line resources. We are looking at making resources easily available online and viewable via laptops, iPhones and other handheld devices. We are currently taking small steps along this route via Oxford Science Studies Study Skills program.

We do try as far as possible to recycle unused papers, ink cartridges, cardboard, etc. We also where every possible buy greener products.

We are also a number of our staff opt to take the train rather than drive, and we may be helping to fund the purchase of an electric vehicle or two.

We are also looking into re-wiring all the main offices so that the lights can be switched off independently. At the moment the lights are either all on or all off – an absurdity of 1970’s design. Our offices outside of Oxford are much more eco-friendly – 100% green electricity, great insulation, low energy bulbs, etc. Also, of course, by having remote offices in or near peoples’ homes we avoid the need to commute much of the time saving as estimated 600 gallons of petrol each year.  Where we can change things we do.