Our unique supercurricular program ensures that every student develops personal experiences above and beyond the conventional syllabus

The Career Pathway


Supercurricular v. extracurricular

The term “extracurricular” encompasses all activities students may do outside of the classroom – sports, charity work, or creative pursuits.

Supercurricular” includes the career-centred acitivies. This could include attending degree-related guest lectures, work experience, or competitions.


Supercurricular Department

Our Supercurricular Department delivers individualised 1:1 sessions and Career Meetings, where students are categorised and supported within groups of related academic disciplines. Our students do not only enter university applications with strong grades, but also a tangible appreciation and understanding of their future subject and career plans.

The Department focuses on six main strands:

  • Beyond the syllabus
  • Programmes, awards and competitions
  • Clubs and societies
  • Further personal development
  • Considering university options
  • Applying to university

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Our Supercurricular Department ensures that all students are provided with hands-on experience through work shadowing and internships.

Oxford Mentor Programme

Our Oxford Mentor Programme is designed to prepare students for their chosen career and to guide them through to successful university applications. The programme is delivered by mentors who are currently undergraduate, postgraduate or doctorate students at the University of Oxford. The programme consists of aptitude test preparation required to gain entry to certain degree courses and a bridging programme to widen students’ knowledge of their chosen career path in the fields of medicine, science, economics, engineering and law.

The programme is available to all OIC students and included in their tuition fees.


Extra opportunities available at OIC:

Goodwill Ambassador Programme

Each summer, students can also participate in the Goodwill Ambassador Programme in Malaysia which offers them the unique opportunity to get real-life exposure to their future degree subject by shadowing doctors, scientists, dentists, lawyers, engineers and other professionals.

Extended Project Qualification

After the first term, students are given the opportunity to take the Extended Project Qualification which gives them the opportunity to research a specific topic of interest beyond the A-level syllabus. The EPQ is highly recommended for students applying to top universities as it demonstrates a motivation to pursue further study in the student’s chosen subject and provides an impressive talking point in the personal statement and interviews.

Please speak to our academic team to see how to enrol in the extra programmes.



Our clubs

The Supercurricular Department supports student clubs that support their passions and career growth. Currently, active clubs include:

  • 99% Charity
  • Badminton Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Bio Vet Society
  • Biology Club
  • Chemistry Club
  • Chess Society
  • Coding Club
  • Cross Country (XC) Club
  • Debating Society
  • Dental Society
  • Drop the Book
  • Economics Society
  • Engineering Society
  • Environmental
  • Society
  • Feminism Society
  • Film making Society
  • First Aid Club
  • Finance Society
  • Football Club
  • Gardening
  • Geography
  • Glee Club
  • Government & Politics Enrichment Classes
  • History Society
  • Knitting Club
  • Law Society
  • Maths Club
  • MedALLogy
  • Medic Society
  • Model United Nations (MUN)
  • Music Club
  • Netball
  • Philosophy Enrichment Classes
  • Philosophy Society
  • Physics Club
  • Pokémon Club
  • PolyDemia
  • Psychology Club
  • Stock Investment Club
  • Surgery Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Yearbook Committee
  • Volleyball Club


Students are always encouraged to found and organise new clubs.

Personal Pathway

Evidence shows the great importance that employers place on ‘character, attitude and behaviour’ in assessing the future potential of candidates. Similarly, university admissions tutors are looking not for what a student has already achieved, but what they are capable of achieving in the future.

This is particularly true of the elite universities like Oxbridge which receive only A*/A applicants, and so look for additional qualities in selecting the strongest candidates with the greatest potential.

Students are guided to take responsibility for their own performance and wellbeing through participation in enrichment and extra-curricular programmes that develop them as a person. Learning to be confident, resilient, pro-active and focussed is key to performing at our best. All students take part in an off-site residential course at the beginning of the academic year to introduce them to team-building and leadership skills and are encouraged to take part in the following activities throughout their stay with us.



Students are given information about academic competitions taking place in the UK and strongly encouraged to take part by their mentors. These can be of great help in ensuring that students gain a place at their desired university and can also improve essay-writing skills and teamwork. Just a few of the competitions advertised include:

  • RES Young Economist of the Year
  • The Corpus Christi Schools Science Prize in Medical Sciences
  • The Cambridge Chemistry Challenge
  • The UK Space Design Competition

Clubs and societies

Clubs and societies

Students are strongly encouraged to create their own clubs within the College if they have a hobby/interest they would like to share with the rest of the school. Regular clubs and societies include for example:

  • Debating society
  • Musical appreciation
  • Documentary society
  • Cookery club
  • Charity club

Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council organise social activities depending on interest generated amongst the student body. Events include:

  • Students’ Christmas Party
  • Valentine’s Dinner Dance
  • Summer BBQ
  • Paintballing, go-carting and bowling
  • A trip to Thorpe Amusement Park

Debate Team

Debate Team

Proximity to the University of Oxford and its strong debating tradition allows OIC students to take part in many debating competitions throughout the year. This is particularly encouraged for law applicants, who will be expected to have a command of their stage presence.

To develop the same skillset, students are also encouraged to speak at weekly assemblies.

Sports and physical activities

Sports and physical activities

All our students receive membership at the Oxford University Sports Centre as soon as they turn 16. The centre is close to the Hall of Residence and offers a 25m swimming pool, gym, grass football pitch, athletic track and more. Swimming lessons, fitness classes and personal training can be booked directly with the sports centre.

The college has an active football team who meet for weekly practice. The team takes part in the annual CIFE Football Tournament in April. The Student Council Sports Officer works closely with the College’s Student Services Manager to arrange sporting activities and to encourage students to participate. In recent times activities have included a girls’ volleyball club, Zumba classes and horse riding.

21st Century Workshops

21st Century Workshops

The skills demanded by employers in the 21st century are constantly changing and adapting according to the needs of modern society. With this in mind, we have adapted our curriculum to include regular workshops on coding skills led by an Oxford PhD student, where students are taught to develop their own website from scratch.

We also regularly hold workshops on practical medical skills, such as suturing or taking blood.

First Aid qualifications

First Aid qualifications

Medical students are encouraged to participate in our First Aid training, which will often be their first foray into saving a human life.

The training prepares students for a wide range of situations and gives them the confidence and knowledge to know how to deal with them safely and efficiently.



Our Welfare Team regularly invites speakers to talk to our students on the subject of mindfulness, self-awareness, and general wellbeing. We also organise private yoga sessions for students that want to relax in a mindful way.

I would like to thank the College for offering quality tuition and practical support to my son throughout the past two academic years. The guidance and care the College provided for him have been significant for his development in his late teens and beginning adult life, which in turn will impact on his future. A big thanks to all of you!


Career and Personal Growth in Strategic Global Pathways

Our Strategic Global Pathways have three components, corresponding to the three pillars of our curriculum:

  • Academic Pathway (corresponding to our Academic Excellence)
  • Career Pathway (corresponding to our Career Development)
  • Personal Pathway (corresponding to our Personal Development)

Our Career and Personal Pathways are present in each OIC course, making sure that what our students do outside of their studies actively supports their overarching goals.


Let us support your career growth along with academic excellence





Useful Links for Students

Study Skills

  • How to Study Effectively: An online resource created by Discover Business Online with the help of experienced entrepreneurs, strategists, consultants and professors, offering help on note-taking and reading comprehension and more
  • Essay writing: A short guide on YouTube by Tim Wilson of Zontul Films Ltd

University Tips

  • The Student Room: The UK’s largest online student community and provides students with opportunities to chat with thousands of other students about anything related to applying to universities, living in the UK and other subjects.
  • Read our presentation Getting into top UK universities

Learning resources

  • The Khan Academy: This site features nearly 3,000 genuinely useful videos explaining pretty much anything from French Invasion of Russia through to Quadratic Equations. Everything is free and there is no advertising. If you are stuck with your homework you may well find the solution here.
  • The BBC: One of the world’s largest websites which amongst you will find educational news and some educational resources. The educational resources cover all ages.
  • The New Scientist: This weekly publication is essential for those studying for A-level sciences who are aiming at top universities. Parts of their website are accessible to all, while others are only to subscribers. Oxford International College students have access to the paper version in the student common room.
  • The Economist: This weekly publication is essential for those studying for A-level in Economics and related subjects who are aiming at top universities. Parts of their website are accessible to all, while others are only to subscribers. Oxford International College students have access to the paper version in the student common room.
  • The Financial Times: A daily newspaper aimed at the finance and business sectors. A limit of 30 free pages per week is probably enough to keep of key business and finance news. Should be of interest to Business Studies students and those studying related subjects.
  • NASA: A great site for those interested in space exploration, it is essential reading if you are considering astrophysics or are hoping to study physics at a top university.
  • TED Talks: Another brilliant site packed full with very well presented and thoughtful videos. In particular, check out TED-Ed for award-winning original lessons, representing collaborations between expert educators, screenwriters and animators.



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