Below, you’ll find OIC Oxford school fees for every year group, helping you plan for the long term here in Oxford.

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Course Fees

A-level: September 2024 Intake (24-month course) £29,250 (September 2024 – June 2025)

Standard ensuite room – £29,530

Studio flat ensuite room (Available to AS+A2 students) – £31,960

Shared twin ensuite room (Available to AS students) – £23,200

September 2024 – June 2025 (includes Enrichment Week & Spring Holiday)

1-year IGCSE 2024 Intake (12-month course) £30,500 £31,735 (includes Enrichment Week & Spring Holiday)
A-level: January 2025 Intake (18-month course) £21,350 (Jan 2025 – June 2025)


Jan 2025 – June 2025

(includes Enrichment Week & Spring Holiday)

Important information

Full list of additional fees

The following fees will be added as an extra when applicable. Most of the additional fees are optional, with a few compulsory depending on the student’s personal circumstances.

Please note that they are pertinent to the 2023/2024 academic year only and need to be revised yearly. Most programmes are priced according to the number of students participating and the costs quoted by external providers. Therefore, in some occasions, the exact charge cannot be determined until a term has progressed for several weeks and students have expressed their interest and commitment to take part in their preferred activities.

Please see the full list of additional fees below.

A one-off fee charged with the first invoice from OIC. (if applicable)

(Compulsory for Year 13 Biology students)

(Compulsory for Year 11 Geography)

Hourly fee when a student receives one-to-one lessons outside of any group programme or group tuition fee. This also applies when the chosen subject is not offered by the College and therefore a special teaching arrangement has to be made. Students can also opt to have extra one-to-one support if they wish. (Optional, example – Music lessons)

An annual charge for students who elect to take up Chinese or Russian at A-Level. The yearly fee is payable in full if the student intends to sit for the exam. This class is elective and an excellent grade in the subject can boost the university application. Therefore, although the language selected is native to the student, taking the class is compulsory to ensure that the student is well prepared to attain the highest score possible.

Students will receive two hours per week of group lessons to prepare for the Native Language A Level. Lessons will be delivered by specially hired tutors at OIC. Some students take Native Language lessons (Chinese/Russian) with the view to boosting their UCAS application, as universities may accept Chinese/Russian as valid A-Level subjects. This can be an advantage when meeting the conditions of an offer.

We understand that since this is the student’s native language, the perception may be that students do not require as much assistance in this subject. However, as they will be taking examinations at our College, we need to ensure that we monitor and provide the necessary support (even if this is minimal). From experience, students who have sat ANY exam, including native languages, without preparation often do not do well and this will have a negative impact on their university application. (Optional)

A public course run by a qualified course provider with expertise. Examinations at the end of the course lead to an award/certification that counts towards a university application. In addition, the transferable skills developed by students will enhance other areas of their academic life, progress and future career. Please see the link below to the website that can provide direct information: Lamda (Optional)

An Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a qualification taken by students in England and Wales, where it is equivalent to half an A-Level. The students are free to choose a topic, although they must show that it is academically useful and either related to their current course of study, or to their future career.

The EPQ is a single-component linear qualification. Students undertake their Extended Project in the context of a project topic they have selected, in agreement with the College. (Optional)

A programme which is mentored by external business advisors, where students learn to establish and run their own businesses for a year. Please note that the company registration fee is shared and paid directly by students (£80 per registration). (Optional)

A well-known programme which leads to three level awards (Bronze, Silver & Gold), which attainment supports university application. Students are expected to show participation and commitment in three areas (sport, charity and art) and complete an expedition which challenges their fitness, teamwork, navigation skills and endurance, to name a few. (Optional)

An international programme during the summer break to gain real exposure to future careers by shadowing doctors, lawyers, scientists and other professionals. In previous years, the two destination choices for these work observation opportunities were Malaysia and Botswana. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with benefits, experiences and outcomes far beyond the direct career-related experience. Students will be able to refer to this in their University application. (Optional)

A two-week programme at the end of summer break prior to starting the second year of A-Level at OIC. The students are given intense and highly tailored assistance with their UCAS applications from both external and internal advisors providing support and guidance on all elements of the university application process. This is an important programme at the beginning of the student pathway to higher education. (Optional but highly recommended)

Wavy Gate flat residents. (Optional)

A four-day trip to visit the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the United Nations and some museums in Geneva.(Optional)

Perlego provides unlimited digital access to more than 500,000 titles in every subject imaginable. By giving students the opportunity to freely explore their interests, we are adding enormous value to their learning experiences, and ensuring that when they come to be interviewed by one of the world’s top universities, they have this wider reading to refer to, and can demonstrate some of the awareness and critical thinking beyond their subject that Oxford, Cambridge, and other world-famous colleges require.

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