A Pathway to success

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Our pioneering educational approach will nurture your personal development and career aspirations, helping you get into your dream university. 


At Oxford International College (OIC), we understand that academic success is just one element of what’s needed to thrive in today’s competitive world. That’s why – as part of our unique three-pillared approach – we’ll place great importance on your personal development and career preparation.

Alongside your GCSE or A-level studies, you’ll benefit from an extraordinary range of extra courses, work and internship experiences, clubs, and societies. These nurture individual talents and passions, helping you develop the breadth of life- and career-focused skills you need to succeed at university and beyond. 

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All our students follow a personalised Global Strategic Pathway. Designed around your university aspirations, the pathway will map your entire learning journey from start to finish. Our ambition is to help you create a portfolio of experiences and qualifications that give you the extra edge when it comes to the highly competitive university application process.

Alongside the academic subjects you choose, your pathway will include:
  • Work experience or internships
  • Clubs, activities, and societies
  • Competitions and challenges
  • Specific qualifications that align with your desired degree or career destination
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Our trailblazing Supercurricular department develops our students’ career-focused skills, preparing them for lifelong success. 
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Beyond the syllabus
Our students extend their subject knowledge beyond the curriculum, as they deep-dive into their academic areas of interest. Opportunities include the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), an independent research project which is equivalent to half an A-level. You’ll also benefit from monthly guest lectures, membership of the Oxford Union, work placements and internships, and educational trips.  
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Programmes, awards, and competitions
An extraordinary breadth of programmes, academic competitions, and awards give our students the chance to hone and showcase their talents. These include the world’s leading youth achievement programme, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and our Young Enterprise Competition. Our life-changing Goodwill Ambassador Programme, meanwhile, gives our young people the opportunity to shadow doctors, scientists, dentists, lawyers, and engineers. 
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Clubs and societies 
We offer a multitude of skill-, knowledge-, and fun-based clubs and societies, which bring like-minded students together and develop lifelong skills. Alongside career-specific societies – like our engineering, dental, law, and medic groups – we offer a myriad of sporting activities, such as basketball, football, and tennis. We also offer unique clubs ranging from musical theatre to stock investment. Looking for something else? We can help you set up your own activity. 
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Further personal development
We support our students to develop the ‘growth mindset’ they need to push the boundaries and achieve more than they imagined possible. This means providing continuous learning opportunities that instil confidence, build resilience and perseverance, and encourage critical thinking. Programmes range from mindfulness training and active recall learning workshops to maths Olympiads, enriching cultural activities, and House challenges. 
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Considering university options
Our comprehensive approach will ensure you find the right university and degree course. We know the process can feel daunting, which is why we offer one-to-one and group career sessions, an annual university fair each September, visits from guest lecturers, and in-college seminars. You’ll also go on open days and residential visits, and meet with university representatives. We’ll then make sure you have a personalised plan to get to your destination. 
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Applying to university
We offer expert guidance throughout the university application process. Pre- and post-summer UCAS sessions, preparatory programmes, and aptitude test coaching gives our students an added edge. Students applying for Oxford and Cambridge benefit from our specialist Oxbridge mentors. We also create individual pathways for young people applying to universities overseas. 


Our Supercurricular department curates a breadth of exceptional experiences, designed to help each student achieve their long-term ambitions. 
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Jason Brooks
Supercurricular Director
After working in finance for more than a decade, Jason joined OIC in 2019. He brings a wealth of business acumen, people management, and organisational skills to our Supercurricular team. This ensures we provide the best possible experiences, courses, and qualifications, and that our approach effectively complements our academic offering. Placing the individual at the heart of everything we do, Jason and the team deliver a personalised programme that unlocks each student’s potential. 
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Matt Walsh
Supercurricular Manager
In his role as Supercurricular Manager, Matt plans and organises several of our Supercurricular activities. These include our sports clubs, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, and the Young Enterprise Competition. Passionate about giving every student the right opportunities, Matt also helps our young people to set up their own clubs and societies. Formerly an English language tutor, Matt is also a GCSE PE teacher. 
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Lucy Walsh
Supercurricular Coordinator
Lucy joined the Supercurricular department in 2022, having previously been a member of our Business Support team. With a background in the arts, Lucy is particularly passionate about offering creative outlets for our students. This includes founding the college’s drama club. Lucy also delivers our LAMDA public speaking classes and works closely with universities and our alumni to enhance the future-focused opportunities we offer. 
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Dominika Aksamit
Supercurricular Administrator
Dominika is the newest member of the department, having joined us in 2023. Originally from Poland, Dominika moved to Oxford over 10 years ago, before successfully working in customer service and finance roles. Dominika ensures the smooth and efficient running of the department, including scheduling, dealing with external providers, and team support. 


Thanks to our comprehensive Global Strategic Pathways programme, our students receive offers from the world’s top-ranked universities.

For the last two years, one in three applicants earned places to study medicine at either Oxford or Cambridge. What’s more, since 2019, more than half of our students have gone on to study at one of the UK’s prestigious G5 universities. Globally, recent OIC graduates have been accepted by the University of Hong Kong, University of Chicago, and University of Toronto, among many others.

We’ll encourage you to go through the Oxbridge application process, too. Whether you get an interview or not, it’s a fantastic learning experience that’s great preparation for the future. 

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We’ll help you develop the personal characteristics, values, and life-skills you’ll need to flourish here, at university, and beyond.

Outside the classroom, you’ll enjoy an array of team building and leadership activities, which include an immersive residential trip at the beginning of the academic year. You can join our debate team, effect tangible change through our Student Council, or become a qualified first aider. Our students also raise money for local and international charities, and form meaningful community connections by volunteering in local organisations. 

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We know that students who are comfortable in their environment – will succeed academically and blossom as people.

In our warm and culturally diverse community, everyone is valued and respected. You’ll be supported throughout your time here by a team of experts, including a dedicated pastoral department, boarding house parents, a mentor, and progress tutor. We also employ a full-time nurse. They’ll equip you with the tools you need to embrace new challenges and bounce-back from adversity.  

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Whatever your university goals, our progressive approach will help you achieve them. To find out more, get in touch with our admissions team today.

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