Ages 16-19 


At Oxford International College, our students achieve outstanding A-level results. Our curriculum is academically rigorous, challenging, and packed with innovative learning experiences, which is enhanced by a higher education-inspired model of teaching, group lessons, and one-to-one tutorials. Every student follows their own pathway, too, choosing three or four subjects that align with their university degree and career ambitions. 
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At Oxford International College, we offer two A-level programmes: an 18-month course and a traditional two-year pathway. Both offer an entirely personalised journey for each student – from the first advisor meeting to the final university destination. 
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Every student follows their own Global Strategic Pathway at Oxford International College. This will map out your learning journey from start to finish, creating a tailored academic, personal, and career-focused programme that’s entirely based around your talents and interests, aims and aspirations.

This includes the courses you choose, which will depend on the university degree you have in mind and the country you want to study in. Our dedicated team of tutors and personal mentors will ensure you’re on the right path and devise a step-by-step plan to help you achieve outstanding A-level results. 

A-level subjects 

Guided by our expert team, you’ll choose three or four A-level subjects. We offer a wide range of options, which include:


  • Computer Science
  • Economics*
  • EPQ (Extended Project Qualification)
  • Further Mathematics*
  • Geography
  • History
  • Maths*
  • Native Language (Chinese or Russian)
  • Biology*
  • Chemistry*
  • Physics* 
  • Psychology*

*Also available for January start


If your preferred university course or destination requires a certain subject that we don’t currently teach, we may be able to add it to our programme. To find out more, please get in touch with our admissions team.  

Depending on the country you plan to study in, we offer four pathways: 
  • UK universities: 3 to 4 A-level subjects; UCAS preparation. 
  • US universities: 3 to 4 A-level subjects; ACT/SAT preparation.
  • Universities of Hong Kong or Singapore: 4 A-level subjects; Chinese language. 
  • Rest of the world: 4 A-level subjects; native language qualifications if require.
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Our university-inspired approach blends group lessons and one-to-one tutorials. You’ll then take short exams in each subject on most Saturdays. This will help us to identify areas for improvement, effectively prepare you for the challenge of exams, and ensure you earn the A-level results you deserve.

Our teaching methods are comparable to undergraduate tutoring at university. Many of our staff are graduates of the world’s top universities, and they know what it takes to achieve outstanding grades. 

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Our A-level students’ academic studies are enriched by our pioneering Supercurricular department. They take our learners beyond the syllabus, giving them an in-depth insight into various career pathways and nurturing the skills they need to succeed in the future.  

Our comprehensive approach will help you create a portfolio of experiences and qualifications that give you the extra edge when it comes to the highly competitive university applications process. 
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Our two-year A-level course begins in September, while our 18-month pathway starts in January. 
  • Age of entry: 16+
  • Level of English needed: Academic International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 6.5
  • Entry assessments: You’ll be asked to sit admissions tests in your chosen subjects, as well as an online aptitude test.
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Every student follows their own path to success at OIC. Inspired to exceed expectations, our students achieve world-leading A-level results that propel them to first-choice universities around the world.