We’ve joined up with Oxford Science Studies to continue their year-round online subject tuition offering for students studying GCSE, A-Level and IB.

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As COVID-19 hit and impacted upon schooling, with school closures and a move to online tuition, our sister organisation Oxford Science Studies moved their offering online to support students as best they could with ongoing tuition support. Their online offering was so successful that, despite the return to schools and Oxford Science Studies now again offering their face to face classes, we will be continuing this providing year-round online subject tuition, available on a one to one basis.

This is available to students studying the GCSE, IGCSE, IB or A-Level and we can accommodate the majority of subjects.

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Online tuition provides the ideal opportunity to add in some regular supplementary tuition during term time. Our offering is flexible and tailored around you. You may request as many sessions as you like, these may all take place in the same week or you may choose to have one per week. It really is all about the individual student and what assistance is required for them. It’s also easy, as students don’t even need to leave the comfort of their home or school, there is no need to think about travel or to book accommodation!

Online tuition is currently facilitated via Microsoft Teams. Students will need a desktop or laptop, an internet connection, webcam, microphone and speakers (most of these do come built in). In our experience, we find that the tuition works best if both tutor and student can see each other. Students are able to ask questions as they would in a classroom. Microsoft Teams provides an interactive platform, allowing for audio and visual contact, screen sharing, link sharing and whiteboard features.

Online tuition is available at £90 per hour, with a minimum booking requirement of 4 hours.

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