14 March, 2020

OIC finalists at UK Space Design Competition

img20200315144827-lg Over the weekend, OIC finalists reprised the college's success last year at UK Space Design Competition.
The national competition, which was held at Imperial College London, is a science and engineering competition designed as a simulation of life in industry. Students are asked to solve complex and frequently futuristic problems that might arise in humanity's space conquest: project design new technology, figure out ways to keep humans alive in hostile environments, and manage a team of like-minded people. That way, students develop skills that could lead them towards valuable opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). This year our students joined the team that has been dubbed Grumbo Aerospace to solve a plethora of engineering and scientific problems. Judging by the photo, they seemed to have a whale of a time! A hearty congratulations to all our finalists, and best of luck in your epic astro-research careers. This is not the only fascinating thing OIC students do every term. Take a look here to read more about our achievements.