19 October, 2020

Grand Opening: OIC Student Success Gallery

Every week we get some exciting news about our students: a distinction, an award, or a certificate from a prestigious academic body. We want to make sure that every single student enjoys long-lasting praise for their amazing achievement. That's why we have launched the OIC Student Success Gallery: a collection of substantial external awards our students have received in this academic year. Please click here to visit it. And there is much to celebrate: even though it's been less than two months since the start of the academic year, our students already managed to achieve great honours. A round of applause for:  

Ophelia Wong

Letter of Commendation for Essay Submission into The Royal Geographical Society & Financial Times School Essay Competition

Lindsay Lai

John Locke Essay Competition Shortlist on socially efficient level of crime

Marin Qirjo

Albianian Representative in the International Maths Olympiad

Eungkon Kim

CREST Gold Award for analysing the durability of synthetic polymers exposed to UV radiation

Sunny Ahn

CREST Gold Award for a study on the removal of heavy metals using Styrofoam degradation

Jaeyhun Kim

CREST Gold Award for modelling a cheap and simple water-purifying pump

Jamie Lee

iDEA Bronze Certificate

Cindy Yun

iDEA Bronze Certificate
Congratulations to all - and we can't wait for this list to grow!   Student Success Gallery