09 November, 2020

OIC Student Nominated to COVID-19 Young Hero Award

The global pandemic has ignited tremendous ramifications, infiltrating our lives on both societal and individual levels. Nevertheless, our nominee Dennis was determined to protect education. Dennis displayed innovation and leadership as he created an educational charity with the support of six of his peers (called PolyGCSE). This provides a service of 1:1 tuition and mentoring for GCSE students in subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The charity focuses on those from disadvantaged backgrounds and state schools. Over thirty OIC students have signed up to be volunteer tutors and there are also more volunteers which have come from other schools. This highlights the maturity and comradery of the younger generation, sparked by Dennis’s idea, who all have had their educational experiences impacted in one way or another in these unprecedented times. As staff, we are filled with pride by our students’ achievements; as educators, we are unavoidably filled with a sense of powerlessness in acknowledging that many students around the UK have missed months of crucial education. We are confident that Dennis’ initiative, which will continue to grow and help students in Oxfordshire and beyond, is invaluable and worthy of recognition by the COVID-19 Young Hero Award. Watch the PolyGCSEs introduction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7ozQG9Z95Q&t=33s