14 November, 2020

OIC Enrichment Week

At OIC, we call the half term break Enrichment Week: a time to set aside our usual routines to try out different experiences and learn new skills. For the new week, our Supercurricular Team has prepared a bespoke programme for students to go beyond the content of their everyday classes and courses, expand their skills and knowledge base, and build a rich experience portfolio to support their university applications and future careers. Please read on to learn more about Enrichment Week - we are really proud of this year's offering.

Medical Students Training

For this Enrichment Week, we have developed a separate training programme for our medical students. They will be taking part in the Mental Health Training provided by Mental Health UK, after which they will obtain a certificate of completion. They will also have a day of medical problem-based learning workshops with Keele Medical School and Imperial Medical School, as well as seminar by the Imperial Medical School Prize winner. The students will also have the opportunity to do a one-day First Aid training course, and will be taking part in the OIC Medical Hospital – a hands-on workshop, delivered by the nationally-renowned Tom Warrender and his ‘Medical Mavericks’. Students will be using specialist medical kit and dealing with problem-solving tasks in real time, using real patient data. They will be able to use ultrasound machines, do a retina scan, record a heart ECG, train surgical skills, and have an all-round authentic doctor’s experience.  

Formal Introduction into Investment Banking

We have developed a specialist programme for students looking for a career in investment banking. The programme will be delivered Mr Joseph Miller, an Oxford-educated Investment Banking Analyst certified with the CISI (Certificate in Corporate Finance) and the CFA (Investment Management Certificate). The programme will be a formal introduction into investment banking. Since this is a professional course, students are asked to treat it as a networking event and act accordingly. The dress code is smart with no tie.  

Enrichment Week Workshops

The medical students training, and investment banking course are just a few of the many events happening in OIC during the week. All students will be able to choose from a vast array of courses, which are divided into three career groups: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences with Maths, and Social Science, Commerce & Humanities. The workshops include:
  • Scientific Solutions to Global Problems: Task yourself with saving humanity from certain doom
  • Adruino Taster Session: Hands-on exploration of basic robotic engineering
  • What’s Your Leadership Style? Develop understanding of how to manage people and control the room
  • Debate and Winning: Defend a thesis and develop your critical thinking
  • Game/Nudge Theory: Deepen your understanding of the most important idea of modern economics
  • Preparation workshop for Maths Competitions such as Maths Bombe and Maths Olympiad
  • Intro to 3D Printing (along with a brand-new 3D printer bought on the request of the Physics Club)
  Other workshops include Law Discussions, Science in Business, Critical Thinking Workshop, or Designing a Research Project. All students are asked to choose at least two workshops.