09 March, 2021

OIC Students Go to NASA for Space Design Competition

OIC Students Go to NASA for Space Design Competition-oic-students-go-to-nasa-for-space-design-competition-d_ClAiLK

OIC students Zirong Song and Oscar Wong were selected to be part of a team that will take part in the International Space Design Settlement Competition in Summer 2022. This competition is due to be held at the NASA Launch Centre, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida. This competition is highly prestigious and reaching this stage is a fantastic achievement. Zirong and Oscar managed this by being two of the delegates in the winning team of the Global Space Design Competition in 2019 and through winning video entry to the UK Space Design Competition finals in 2021. We are very proud of both Zirong and Oscar and congratulate them on all the hard work involved in getting to this stage. Very best of luck for the next round of the competition!