19 March, 2021

OIC students launch their own mental health charity

OIC students launch their own mental health charity-oic-students-launch-mental-health-charity-Team-99

A group of OIC students have founded their own in-college mental health and social care charity, Team 99%. Established for the purpose of taking part in the Wings of Hope Achievement Awards last Christmas, the team decided to take their endeavour to the next level and create a charity aimed at destigmatizing mental health issues and creating a platform for teenagers to speak openly about their struggles.

"We believe teenagers, including ourselves, are generally facing overloaded pressure from parents, peers, schools, society and ourselves. This has driven members of Team 99 to offer a helping hand through different activities."

The group's planned activities include launching podcasts and chat rooms, and fundraising through bake sales and a school dance. We look forward to seeing how the charity evolves!