30 April, 2021

Great success at the 2021 Olympiad

A total of 2 Top Gold, 19 Gold, 24 Silver & 33 Bronze medals were achieved by our students in the 2021 British Olympiad (Chemistry, Biology and Physics). In addition, a total of 20 students were highly commended and 4 were commended. 2021 Chemistry Olympiad Out of 24 participants, our students achieved 18 medals between them. 3 Gold - Congratulations to Banky, McVey and Winston 4 Silver - Congratulations to Ambrose, Sarah, Daniel and Damien 11 Bronze - Congratulations to Kitty, Peter, Lara, Vanessa, Zirong, Boon, Hilda, Zi Suen, Taylor, Jasper and Shania 2021 Biology Olympiad 30 of A-Level students participated in the 2021 British Biology Olympiad, achieving some great results. 3 Gold - Congratulations to Jenny, Zi Suen and Johnathan 6 Silver - Congratulations to Beatrice, Terence, Damien, Matthew, Grace and Kitty 5 Bronze - Congratulations to Yousun, Rachel, Karlo, Angus and Sara 10 Highly Commended - Congratulations to Vanessa, Bernice, Taeyoung, Eageon, Jerry, Seojun, Kelly, Bush, Zirong and Oscar 1 Commended - Congratulations to Ambrose 2021 Intermediate Biology Olympiad 43 of AS Level students participated in the 2021 Intermediate Biology Olympiad, our students performed very well. 11 Gold - Congratulations to Rachel, Jenny, Terence, Michael, Josh, Amy, Ophelia, Natalie, Qian Qian, Justin and Seojun 11 Silver - Congratulations to Joshua, Beatrice, Vanessa, Bernice, Nicolas, Karlo, Angus, Kelly, Marin, Bush and Johnathan 8 Bronze - Congratulations to Jacqueline, Celia, Natalie, Sarah, Norika, Eageon, Sze Long and Zirong 10 Highly Commended - Congratulations to Cherish, Ryan, Hillary, Michelle, Ambrose, Iris, Karley, Sejun, Joanna and Oscar 2 Commended - Congratulations to Donald and Alisija 2021 Physics Olympiad 14 of A-Level students participated in the 2021 British Physics Olympiad, our students achieved excellent award. 2 Top Gold - Congratulations to Joseph and McVey 2 Gold - Congratulations to Minjoon and Banky 3 Silver - Congratulations to Haein, Dominic and Isabella 4 Bronze I - Congratulations to Gordon, Jacky, Jason and Mac 2 Bronze II - Congratulations to Jean and Ling 1 Commendation - Congratulations to Bush A huge well done to all those students who took part!