Nord Anglia
11 October, 2023

OICs inaugural Sports Day and first House Competition of the year


Friday 3rd September saw the OIC’s inaugural Sports Day and first House Competition of the year. With the sun shining favourably on us, OIC’s four academic houses, Redox, Spires, Azura, and Blackwell, competed in a series of track and field events at Oxford University’s Iffley Road Sports Centre.

House Captains worked tirelessly to coordinate their teams, together with support and commentary from Sports Captain Alexander and Head Boy Karlo. The crowds watched from the stands, sporting house colours and cheering on the participants as they ran, jumped, and threw their way through the afternoon. Highlights from the day included Jerry cruising to victory in the 200m sprint, and Head Girl Anna coming from behind to win both her track events and the Girls Triple Jump. Both students took home the coveted Victor Ludorum and Victrix Ludorum (“Winner of the Games”) shields, marking their athletic prowess. The House points went to deserving winners, Spires House.

Another group of students on the field spent the whole afternoon running multiple times around the track, not to win any games for their houses but to record their schoolmates’ precious college life at OIC. They are reporters (Beatrice, Rachel, Adrian and Serene) and photographers (Alexandra, Jenny, Hillary and Teniola) of this year’s OIC Yearbook.