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Update 20/03/2020: From Wednesday 25 March we will be teaching all our classes online for the entire duration of the school closure.

Our principal goal is to continue the strongest possible preparation of our students for the next stage in their academic journey.

Below is an outline of the online learning structure. Please don’t hesitate to reach out in case of any additional questions or feedback.


  • What are the objectives of the remote learning?

    The objectives of the Remote Learning Programme are:

    • Complete syllabus / Revision and consolidation / Assessment
    • Preview of the next stage
    • UCAS Preparation

    We aim to make the transition as smooth as possible and, despite the unprecedented circumstances, ensure that our students receive the same quality of robust education and university preparation as outlined by the usual syllabus.

  • What will remote learning look like?

    Remote Learning will consist of three main strands:

    • Live Teaching (students and teachers sitting down at the same time in their remote locations) – 3 hours per week per subject. The times for these slots will be dictated by a timetable.
    • Directed Learning (students use the time for their subjects, with their work directed by their teachers) – 3 hours per week per subject. These time will be suggested for the students.
    • Assessment (within the constraints to integrity that remote learning permits) — so that we can continue to provide a focus for our students’ work, and to continue to gather evidence about the attainment levels of our students.
  • When will I be taught? Will it account for different timezones?

    Live teaching will be adjusted for timezones. We anticipate most live lessons to be held between 8am-1pm UK time (4-9pm Hong Kong/Kuala Lumpur, 5-10pm Seoul).

    Directed teaching is suggested to take place between 2-7pm UK time (10am-3pm Hong Kong/Kuala Lumpur, 11-4pm Seoul). These times are suggested for student input.

  • When will I receive my timetable?

    You will be emailed your personal timetable as soon as possible. Our provisional date is Monday.

  • Even if the classes are not taking place, will the college building remain open to use for staff and students?

    The College Building should be open during this time and will be available to teachers (but *not* students) to use technical facilities, teaching classroom for sessions etc.

  • Can I take my CIE IGCSEs or AS Maths at my local international centre?

    Our admissions team is researching each locality on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with our academic team to learn the details for your country.

  • Will SCITs still take place on Saturdays?

    Yes. There will, however, be no mock exam.

  • Is the above information current and accurate?

    Yes. But please keep coming back to this page regularly in case of any updates.

We appreciate there are likely to be challenges to a move online in such a short space of time but would like to thank you in advance for your support and help.

We will be monitoring how the teaching and learning are going and will keep you and students up to date with advice and guidance about online learning where needed. We will be sending students guidance on online learning in advance of next week and will also send you a copy.

Friday 20th March 2020