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At Oxford International College and OIC Brighton, we think beyond traditional education. Our strategic approach combines three pillars – academic excellence, personal development, and career preparation – which enables every student to chart their own unique journey to success.

Following the world-renowned English National Curriculum, you’ll develop the specialist subject knowledge and breadth of skills you need to excel academically. You’ll immerse yourself in Supercurricular courses, experiences, and qualifications that align with your university ambitions. And every step of the way, you’ll be guided by some of the world’s finest teachers, all of whom are experts in their fields.

Combined with the very best wellbeing support – and constant inspiration from a community of like-minded international students – you’ll have everything you need to thrive. 

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OIC has developed a rich track-record of academic success, regularly enabling students to progress to competitive courses at the world’s leading universities and excelling in their careers beyond. We think beyond traditional education with our strategic approach that supports every student in pursuing their journey to success, whether studying at OIC in Oxford or our new Brighton campus.
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Academic Excellence
The academic model at OIC has regularly positioned the founding OIC campus in Oxford as one of the top-performing A-Level colleges in the UK since 2019 and, in 2023, we once again secured the top position in England’s league table for A-Level performance. Students at OIC benefit from expert tuition, with highly-qualified and passionate teachers, both in Oxford and at our new Brighton campus which opened in 2023, complemented by our students being immersed in a stimulated learning culture, with high-quality exam preparation and additional qualifications beyond the UK-curriculum of A-Levels, through our unique Supercurricular and Global Strategic Pathway programmes.
Personal Development
OIC students prepare themselves for life after our colleges with unique experiences that provide the best preparation for university and beyond, both academically and personally. Our excellent pastoral support, innovative Supercurricular experiences, with clubs, competitions and societies, in addition to the advice and university guidance as part of our Global Strategic Pathways perfectly equip OIC students for the rigorous study expected at the world’s leading universities and for success throughout their chosen careers after. Living and learning in the UK as part of a diverse and international cohort of like-minded individuals, OIC students are encouraged to flourish as individuals beyond their academic study.
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Career Preparation
At OIC, our students demonstrate passion in the careers they are pursuing, which is crucial when applying to competitive courses at the world's top universities. Students choose from OIC’s three specialised career-groups of: Healthcare and Biological Science; Physical Science and Mathematics; and Social Science, Humanities and Commerce; selecting their academic subjects at A-Level accordingly. A students’ academic subjects, aligned to career-group, are supported by the unique OIC Supercurricular, where OIC students access leading research and work experiences throughout their time at OIC, exposing them to their chosen career-path and, with support from the Global Strategic Pathway, supporting their applications to leading universities in their chosen specialist area.

Yasmin Sarwar

Chief Education Officer, Oxford International College

OIC offers a new kind of education: a university and careers-focused approach based around our students’ ambitions. From the moment you arrive at our independent school in Oxford, we’ll provide the opportunities you need to excel.”

OIC Oxford

One of the top-performing A-level colleges in the UK, Oxford International College (OIC) has a longstanding reputation for academic excellence. Our approach challenges students, sparks their passions, and nurtures talents, inspiring the brightest young minds to get into – and succeed at – the world’s top universities.

Home to ambitious young people from more than 40 countries, OIC is located in the centre of Oxford, surrounded by celebrated university colleges, cultural and social opportunities.  And with more than 40,000 students sharing the city – it's a constant source of inspiration, too.  

Such as:
  • One-year GCSE course and a choice of two A-level programmes.
  • Outstanding career- focused opportunities curated by our Supercurricular department
  • Renowned university admissions experts, thanks to our Global Strategic Pathways programme. 
  • Perfectly located in the world’s most famous university city.
  • Modern boarding houses with a choice of purpose-built accommodation.
Discover OIC Oxford
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OIC Brighton is an aspirational place to live and learn. We’re a dynamic community that loves a challenge and sets high expectations. We prioritise happiness and wellbeing in everything we do, too. This ensures every student has the support they need to be ambitious, embrace new experiences, and excel academically.

Our beautiful campus fosters a genuine sense of community, with our boarding houses and state-of-the-art teaching buildings all on the same spectacular site. Set in 25 acres of English countryside – and close to the city, coast, and international transport links – our one-of-a-kind setting unlocks a world of opportunities. 

Such as:
  • Pre-GCSE, GCSE, and A-level programmes. 
  • Home to ambitious, like-minded students from more than 20 countries. 
  • A stunning single-site campus just minutes from Brighton. 
  • World-class opportunities through our Supercurricular programme.  
  • Stylish boarding accommodation with cool, contemporary common spaces. 
Discover OIC Brighton
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OIC Academy is a short course programme provider, matching students with highly qualified and experienced tutors to assist them with their subject tuition or university preparation needs. Creating a bespoke schedule for each applicant, OIC Academy offer a flexible approach to learning, with online courses available throughout the year, on days and times to suit the student.

The one-to-one tuition offering allows students to tailor the sessions to their individual needs, maximising their tuition time by focusing on those areas important to them, in a relaxed and friendly online learning environment.
Key Benefits
  • A flexible and adaptable approach, allowing students to start out small then extend their booking as necessary
  • One-to-one tuition, allowing students to build a strong working relationship with their tutor(s)
  • Bespoke schedules, created around the individual applicant's needs and availability
  • Assistance with subject tuition, personal statement development, admissions tests and interview preparation
  • Highly qualified tutors with a vast amount of professional and academic experience in their chosen area
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Our strategic educational approach prepares students for success at universities and in careers around the world. 
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Academic excellence   
Everyone follows their own pathway to success at our colleges. Inspired to exceed expectations and realise their long-term ambitions, our students achieve remarkable GCSE and A-level results that propel them to the very best universities in the world. 
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The world’s best teachers 
Our students learn from the best: Oxbridge graduates, accredited examiners, doctorate holders, and industry experts. Leaders in their subject field or specialism, our teachers bring a wealth of experience and cutting-edge expertise to our classrooms. 
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Your pathway to success 
At OIC, we understand that academic success is just one aspect of what’s needed to thrive in today’s competitive world. That’s why, through our ground-breaking Supercurricular programme, we offer a range of additional qualifications, awards, and work and internship experiences that help our students stand out from the crowd. 
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Our social purpose          
Our young people are the pioneers of the future; the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and global change-makers. In culturally diverse learning communities where everyone acts with passion and purpose, our students develop the values, attributes, and character they need to flourish both now and in the future. 
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The OIC family 
OIC attracts the brightest young minds. Our colleges are vibrant communities where like-minded students from around the world inspire and motivate one another to achieve great things. With wellbeing at the heart of everything we do, our young people have all the support they need to flourish emotionally and socially, too. 
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Inspiring learning environments
Whether you’re living in the heart of Oxford, a world-famous university city or immersing yourself in campus life in the Sussex countryside, our colleges provide the specialist facilities and tech-enriched classrooms you need to excel. Our boarding houses are modern, bright, and comfortable, too, offering the perfect blend of privacy and community. 

School Stats - OIC

Our A-level students have consistently achieved over 90% A* or A grades since 2019.
In 2023, two-thirds of students who applied to one of the UK’s top 5 universities secured a place.
1 in 3
For two consecutive years, one in three applicants have secured places to study medicine at either Oxford or Cambridge.


Our colleges are places of passion and purpose; pioneering communities where everyone strives to be their best. Our ambitious culture is driven by our brilliant students, who support and motivate one another to go beyond expectations.  
Oxford International College (OIC)  - 01 Feature Cards - OIC
OIC Alumnus, Nigeria 
“Right from the start, I was encouraged to prepare for the future, working towards my personal statements, finding work experience, and exploring different options in the field of medicine. This made the university application process so much easier.”   
Oxford International College (OIC)  - 01 Feature Cards - OIC
OIC Alumnus, University of Oxford
“I grew a lot in my short time at OIC, both as a person and academically. Living alongside such a supportive group of students encouraged me to strive for excellence in my A-level studies. I was also expertly guided by insightful and helpful teachers.”  
Oxford International College (OIC)  - 01 Feature Cards - OIC
OIC Alumnus, Medical Student  
“OIC offers incredible support, particularly when it comes to exam preparation and university interviews. With their help, I was able to successfully get into medical school.”   
Oxford International College (OIC)  - 01 Feature Cards - OIC
OIC Alumnus, University of Cambridge 
“The college provided endless support and encouragement, alongside rigorous academic challenges that pushed me to improve. My tutors were thoughtful and nurturing, and their passion for their subjects was inspiring.”  

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  • Can I transfer to OIC from another school? 
    Yes, of course. Many students join us from other schools. They do so for a variety of reasons, whether it’s looking for a greater academic challenge, increased independence, or a more modern educational approach.  
  • How old do I have to be to transfer to the college? 
    Our colleges offer pathways for students from ages 13 to 18.
  • Do your students wear a uniform? 

    Depending on your age and the campus you are studying on, you may have a "light-touch" uniform.  For other students, our dress code is designed to make sure you are ready and comfortable for study.

  • Do you offer boarding?  
    Yes, most of our students are boarders and enjoy the support and close-knit community that this experience provides.  All of our boarding houses are comfortable well-designed spaces where our students are able to study and relax. 

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