Welcome to Oxford International College! Whether you are a current student or prospective student, a parent, or a visitor, you will find plenty of useful information here.

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OIC was created in 2002 to provide a new kind of education: a career-oriented growth centring around a true passion. From the moment our students arrive in Oxford to the final A-Level Results Day, we guide them, teach them, and strategise the best approach to get them exactly where they want to go.

Our three-pronged curriculum, which I designed specifically for OIC, is centred around:

Looking ahead from the start, we offer a unique programme of Strategic Global Pathways – comprehensive step-by-step university guidance tailored for each specific student and university. As a result, we have sent students to top universities worldwide, including the UK, the US, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Japan.

Our experienced, well-connected Supercurricular Department offers bespoke career guidance to each individual student, aids them in finding their own passion, and suggests concrete ways in which it can be translated into a career. Just this year, our students have interned and volunteered at Oxford and London university hospitals, Oxford Crown Court, London hedge funds and investment firms, or Oxford University Said Business School.

To support our high achievers, there is a comprehensive welfare system in place, with each student offered a mentor and a progress tutor to counsel them throughout their school experience.

Our excellence is not accidental: it is a result of a comprehensively designed, strategic system to light up a passion and foster an environment in which it can flourish. It relies on a winning formula that I have perfected over almost twenty years of my educational career, having led two schools that scored top in the UK rankings, and having sent hundreds of alumni into top universities worldwide. The trust that my students put in my strategies continues to humble me – and remains my greatest inspiration to guide them towards their goals.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to OIC. Please have a look around the website and let us know if you have any questions.

Kindest regards,

Yasmin Sarwar