Nord Anglia
06 October, 2023

Lets celebrate this Christmas with the fantastic BMAT and TMUA results

Worlds Best Teachers


This year, forty-seven students at OIC took the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT). Here are some highlights of our not surprisingly excellent BMAT results:

Section 1: Aptitude and Skills

  • 66% of our students scored higher than 5.0, the typical applicants to the most highly selective undergraduate university courses
  • Almost one-fifth of our students identified as the best applicants (scored higher than 6.0)
  • Over 10% of our students, scored higher than 7.0, became the very exceptional applicants

Section 2: Scientific Knowledge and Applications

  • Over 68% of our students are by definition academically very able
  • Over 38% of our students scored higher than 6.0
  • 15% of our students being the very exceptional applicants
  • One student achieved the highest score 9.0

Section 3: Writing Task (Quality of Content)

  • Over 85% of our students were awarded higher than 3.0

Section 3: Writing Task (Quality of English)

  • Over 91% of our students were awarded Band A (good use of English)


One of our five students who took the Test of Mathematics for University Admission (TMUA) achieved the capped score 9.0 for both papers!