Nord Anglia
11 October, 2023

Creative Writing Competition Results


In December we announced a creative writing competition for all students based on the theme ‘It’s Cold Outside’. Students were asked to submit a short creative writing piece of any style based on this theme. The entries were all judged blind by a panel with no knowledge of the student who had submitted each piece – nor the year they come from. The criteria the submissions were judged on were:

  • Structure and flow
  • Proper use of language, grammar and punctuation
  • Clarity and originality of expression
  • Style and Interpretation of theme

Congratulations to Aleesha Haq, who has won the competition with an impressive wintry piece, as well to runner-ups Lauren Tse and Michael Chan. Well done for your impressive feats of imagination!

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Creative Writing Submissions Winter 2021

Creative-Writing-Submissions-Winter-2021-Winners-for-Blog52004.pdf (77 KB)