11 October, 2023

October enrichment week programmes for Year 11 and 12 students - October


Our Year 11 and 12 students spent their October half-term enrichment week building solid evidence to stand out with their personal statements when making an application to a top university.

Year 12 students

At OIC, Year 12 students are segmented into two categories when arranging Supercurricular activities, Medics and Non-Medics.

Work experience is essential to make competitive applications to medical school. In preparation for students’ strategic pathway to a top medical school, we organised a bespoke work experience opportunity in London.

During the five-day work experience programme, they visited a general practice (GP) surgery, a private hospice and a few hospitals to learn from the industry professionals. They also gained some practical experience, such as obtaining a complete first-aid certificate and getting anatomy training.


They had a taste of university-level work that goes beyond A-Level examination preparation in the October enrichment week. The enrichment week kicked off with the Global Spacesettlement Design Competition. Then, a five-day project led by two tutors who have taught at Imperial College London for over two decades started in the afternoon of Monday 25th October. This project-based learning was not only a very CV-friendly and UCAS-friendly experience that benefits the students’ university applications, but it also gave the students a chance to build soft skills, such as management, self-confidence, teamwork, etc.

Year 11 students

Some GCSE students had various recreational and team-building activities scheduled to give our students a chance to relax and unwind with their peers after a busy start of the Autumn term. On Wednesday 27th October, they competed with their friends at the Crazy Golf courses they chose. On the next day, they participated in a Combat Archery session.

The students who take Geography spent their enrichment week very differently. Stay tuned for our following news!