Nord Anglia
11 October, 2023

OIC celebrating its best ever A-Level results - October


OIC is “at the top of the tree” when it comes to A-level performance among independent schools. This year’s results are the highest exam grades recorded since the college was established in 2002 and makes us the UK’s number one A-Level college.

Click here to read the article in the Daily Telegraph which features our exams results.

Our results as of today (after remarks):

  • A*- B grades: 99.34%
  • A*-A grades: 92.11%
  • A* grades: 52.63%
  • A truly wonderful achievement! This is an incredible improvement on last year’s 83.5% of A*- A grades.

Amongst many outstanding individual performances are those of Adrian 4A*A – Medicine at University of Cambridge); Haymandhra (4A* – Engineering at Cambridge); Pelden (A*A*AA – Computer Science at Cambridge); Elysia (4A*A – Medicine at Chinese University of Hong Kong); Lim (3A*2A – Medicine at Imperial)

We are equally proud of our new A2 students, who worked incredibly hard during their AS year and obtained over 95% of A-grades for the subjects they will be taking to A-Level.

And finally, a big welcome to the new class of 2021! Over 90 students from all around the world are about to embark on their academic journey at OIC and we look forward to helping them through every step of this new journey.