26 January, 2024

Celebrating Success

Oxbridge offers - Oxbridge offers
13 Oxbridge offers 2024
Oxford International College (OIC) is celebrating a college-record number of students who received offers of study at Oxbridge.
It is a testament to the sheer hard work, focus, passion and drive of our students that they are successful in their applications
Kim Terrar
Principal, Oxford International College

Of the 31 OIC students applying to Oxford University, 16 secured interviews back in December, and a further 33 current students interviewed for Cambridge University, a fantastic achievement in itself, having successfully completed the rigorous application process.

The news follows an emerging trend among OIC students, where over the past 3 years, more OIC students have been applying to Oxford and Cambridge Universities, securing interviews and furthermore, receiving coveted offers.  

Thinking beyond conventional education, OIC offers students a pioneering approach to learning and preparing students for university-level study.  With a personalized strategy, OIC students are provided individual academic oversight, tailored study and Supercurricular advice.

At Oxford International College, we believe it is vital our students explore their subjects with passion and purpose, which enables them a competitive edge for university applications, and beyond.  Preparing for chosen universities and developing personal skills through our innovative Supercurricular programme supports them on their pathways to success.

We recognise that academic success is just one element of what is needed to thrive in today’s competitive world and the College’s integrated curriculum reflects this through its pioneering 3 main pillars of success:

  • Academic Excellence: our approach to educational pedagogy of retrieval learning, spaced repetition and active recall. 
  • Career Preparation: Through our extensive Supercurricular programme students enjoy personal experiences beyond the curriculum together with engaging in research projects and competitions, following passions through an EPQ project, enjoying enrichment trips and work experience together with university preparation.
  • Personal Development: acquiring personal skillsets that include critical thinking, problem solving, communication and teamwork through participating in College clubs and societies.

Kim Terrar, Principal at Oxford International College, said, “It is a testament to the sheer hard work, focus, passion and drive of our students that they are successful in their applications, together with the expert support, knowledge and guidance from our committed educators. What is even more astonishing is that the number of places for international students at these highly regarded institutions is decreasing, year on year and so the competition for international students in particular, is more competitive than ever. I am incredibly proud of them all.” 

This year’s offers reflect a huge breadth of subjects from Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) to Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics and Law with French at Oxford and Psychological and Behavioural Sciences, Natural Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Computer Science, Design, Law and Medicine at Cambridge.

Jonathan Beckett, Director of Global Strategic Pathways, said, “My team and I are delighted for these students and their families.  The anticipation following university offers can be both exhilarating and challenging and all our Oxford applicant OIC students have shown great resilience and strength of character in supporting one another at this time.”