19 February, 2024

Enrichment Week at OIC

Enrichment Week - Enrichment Week
Part of a truly transformative academic journey
By further exploring their passions and interests our ambition, as a College, is to help our students create a portfolio of experiences and qualifications that give them the extra edge when it comes to the highly competitive university application process.  Enrichment Week at OIC aims to provide students with these incredible opportunities.

Our Year 12 students enjoyed a number of engaging activities throughout Enrichment Week, organised and coordinated by the Supercurricular team.

Some of the activities included were:

  • Computer Science Residential hosted in Liverpool
  • Finance (and Business) Residential hosted in Liverpool
  • Engineering Residential hosted in Liverpool
  • Psychology Programme
  • Medicine Programme

Computer Science Residential

Students participated in a remarkable 4 day residential, in collaboration with Sony and the University of Liverpool.  Over the first day students enjoyed courses covering a journey from AI Scripting, Algorithms and Data Structures to Scripting Language such as C# Video Game Concept Prototyping.  Moving on to Game Engine Rendering as well as AI and Machine Learning, Cryptography, and Cyber Security.

With course content offered from Directors at Sony and Leading computer Science lectures from University of Liverpool, students enjoyed the opportunity to interact with industry professionals.

Finance (and Business) Residential hosted in Liverpool

This remarkable programme was held in collaboration with three leading Engineering companies:

1. Michael Charlesworth & Innovate UK

2. Natwest Bank


The course took students on a journey from opening a company through navigating the UK tax laws and investment opportunities with some of the best advisors in the country. Directors from all three of the above world leading companies offered their help and advice on preparing course content and throughout students were able to meet and interact with industry professionals.

Engineering Residential hosted in Liverpool

Throughout this course students enjoyed a hands on approach to learning! They had the opportunity design and code their very own device under the guidance of the successful and award-winning engineer, Dr Pete Fenner. On Tuesday students participated in a two-hour workshop at Liverpool Science Park led by a chartered structural engineer. This workshop aimed to familiarize students with essential information related to house and industrial building planning.

We are grateful to the directors of all three companies, who generously gave their time and offered their expertise to shape the course content, ensuring that our students received the best possible mentoring.

Medicine Programme

Prospective Medicine students took part in an incredible three-day programme at University of Oxford College.  Covering a broad range of topics, students learned about anatomy and emergency surgery, medical research and recording patient history.  The third day involved a clinical experience of keyhole surgery. 

We were extremely fortunate to procure the services of a medical doctor, who is also a trained and currently practicing NHS surgeon.

Psychology Programme

Taking place at the University of Oxford’s ‘Univ’ College, Oxford PhD students delivered a series of seminars, workshops and practical sessions for our students who are aspiring to study Psychology at university.

They explored a range of current issues including child development and education, developmental disorders and the application of psychometric tests in research. They also learned about very high-level skills that stretched beyond the confines of the classroom – such as conducting data analysis using R programming language, producing their own research and acquiring foundational knowledge of eye-tracking and/or EEG technology.

These experiences are exactly what is required to help OIC students make the most competitive applications possible to high-ranking universities, though displaying their passion, commitment and dedication during Enrichment Week.