28 March, 2024

Journey to Excellence

Oxford International College DofE Practice Expedition
Exciting news from Oxford International College as our students successfully completed their practice Duke of Edinburgh expedition! This journey was not just about exploring the great outdoors; it was a comprehensive learning experience that honed a variety of skills.

From navigating challenging landscapes to managing resources and working as a cohesive unit, our students demonstrated remarkable growth. They’ve developed:

  • Leadership skills by taking turns to lead the group through unfamiliar territory.
  • Teamwork as they collaborated to overcome obstacles and support each other. Problem-solving abilities when faced with unexpected challenges.
  • Resilience by pushing through adversity and adapting to changing conditions.

This expedition has been an invaluable part of their DofE journey, instilling in them the confidence and capabilities to tackle future career endeavors. We’re incredibly proud of their achievements and the exemplary character they’ve shown throughout this adventure.

Jason Brooks, Supercurricular Director