30 April, 2024

Blasting into the UKROC National Finals

Rocketry Finals - Rocketry Finals
OIC's brilliant Rocketry teams qualify for the National UK Rocketry Competiton
We are delighted to share that both OIC Rocketry Teams have gained a place in the UK Rocketry (UKROC) National Finals having finished first and fifth in the Regional heats.

On a sunny Thursday afternoon, our passionate OIC Rocketry teams went bolder and further than any other OIC students had gone before…to the Nationals of the UK Rocketry Competition!

We are delighted to share that our teams came 1st and 5th overall, in the South East regional heat competing against over 50 other teams over two days!! 

In the lead up to the event our young engineers had worked tireless building, testing and launching their rockets in preparation for the competitions.  With their efforts in crafting a stable, aerodynamic and functional model finally paying off.

Both teams progressed to the next stage, the UKROC National Final in June as they ranked within the top 20 teams in the UK.

A huge thank you to Vijay Chhaya, Teacher of Physic, Academic Strategy Tutor and OIC Rocketry Club Guru for supporting the teams, we are thrilled for them and wish them good luck with their next mission in the Nationals! 

Team C.A.C.H.E
Alimkhan A
Mickey B
Han C
Jin Hoa C
Cato L
Kan K

Team Zeus (5th)
Tony T
Jocelyn C
Brian Z
Oscar J
Tony Z