05 May, 2024

A World of Opportunity

Alumni session - Alumni session
Alumni returns to share his exemplary journey from OIC to Oxford University
OIC Alumni, Mountain Cheng returns to ThreeWays to discuss his incredible journey from exemplary Oxford International College student to Oxford University undergrad.

It was great to welcome back OIC Alumni Mountain Cheung to OIC for brilliant talk with our budding mathematicians, physicians and computer science students.

This insightful session offered our current students a unique chance to interact with Mountain, currently at Oxford University reading Mathematics and to learn from his experiences. Additionally, we extended a warm invitation to our teaching staff who also join the session. Mountain shared details about his exemplary journey as a student, and offered a few words of inspiration.

Mountain spoke passionately about the importance of Supercurricular activities and opportunities and how they helped to support his application to Oxford.  He explained that being able to articulate interests and passions around your subject demonstrated deeper understanding.