We won two prizes at WOHAA

Two teams from OIC won different prizes in last year’s WOHAA, a nationally recognised social enterprise programme.

Clara Futura (Anna, Sofja, Benazir and Maria) – Runners up of Best Entrepreneurial Team

“Despite the very challenging COVID times and numerous restrictions, we tried our best to make the most out of this fundraising journey. Some of the ways to raise funds we used were cooking pastries, making homemade candles and soap bars, and setting up bake sales. Moreover, we could spread awareness about pressing issues disadvantaged people have to deal with every day by using our social media. We hope our efforts made a difference in the lives of the vulnerable children in India and Malawi. We are grateful to the OIC students and staff members who supported us and most importantly to WOHAA for giving us such an enriching experience that taught us valuable teamwork and communication skills.”, says Anna of the Clara Futura

99% (Nicolas, Marx, Sing Yi, Qian Fan, Sze Long and Michelle) – Runners up of Best Presentation Team

“Through time and trials, the harmony of our team resonated stronger and louder. My teammates would finally stand up against me, and what resulted was a kaleidoscopic flurry of vibrant ideas, improvements that made our events better than ever. Working around the pandemic’s restrictions, we cleaned up the littered streets of Oxford, raising funds and awareness through charity sales. We even created a widely received online campaign, ‘The Follower Challenge’, where we spread the word about WOHAA and their cause to improve conditions in countries like Malawi or India.

By doing all these things, I feel that I’m making a difference to my community and even distant people, even though it’s not much. To stay in this trance working with my teammates and helping others, we’ve decided to continue 99% as a charity and strive to do more, better and better.”, says Nicolas of the 99%



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